Wednesday, August 12, 2020

What Makes a Breakfast Beer?

So glad you asked...

A Pilsner or an IPA before 11 AM with an omelette or a biscuit? A Shandy at 4 PM? A citrus infused seltzer regardless of time of day? Yes, all qualify, some more aggressive than others. What about with an English muffin?  Hell naw!

Does it have to do with time of day?  Sometimes.  Do food pairings matter?  They could. Inclusion of fruit/fruit “juice?”  Absolutely. 

You see, the breakfast beer is almost a state of mind. It's what you feel the most comfortable cracking open, hearing that satisfying sound, and tasting that first cold sip to start your day. 

Your choice from the beer fridge is a highly personal one. Do not take it lightly. Take your time in making your decision on how you want to start your day. Some may choose to ease into their day with something light and refreshing, others may choose a coffee stout to mask the lack of real coffee, and then there are those that choose to jump full speed ahead into their day with utter abandon. Whatever you choose, we will support. We may judge you, but we won't tell you no. 

We are here to guide you towards stocking your fridge with the best possible options to choose from when making that heavy, early morning choice (or afternoon) of what beer to grab. 

The bottom line: If it’s breakfast time for you and you’re drinking a beer, then you’re having a breakfast beer. 

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