Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The blue checkmark is imminent

Yep, it's been a strong first week for all of us here at Breakfast Beer Sommeliers as we seek to inform the world about our specialty, the breakfast beer.

Where do we start?  

First, high fives (or perhaps Shandy's) all around for 74 followers on INSTAGRAM!!!  Congrats to all of you for being early adopters - much like the Winklevoss twins, you were here first.  

We know you've enjoyed the first week of content as the LPM's (Likes Per Minute) have been coming at a rate that would make any 11th grader jealous.  And speaking of blue checks, we got a like from one ON OUR FIFTH POST, hat tip to our friends in St. Louis - @budlight.  

Perhaps the most amazing realization we've come to so early into this endeavor is the appetite thirst (see what I did there?) for our knowledge and content.  The gram is full of pages devoted to single brands or styles of beers or seltzers (even a "Seltzer Sommelier"), but there is an obvious void in the breakfast beer space.  There will be more on this at a later date, but this needs to be made clear: not every seltzer is a breakfast beer.  That said there are many beers and seltzers in our sector that have quite a loyal following, and we've loved meeting you all.  White Claw, we've got to give it to you, you have a following of dudes, boyz, moms, baddies (presumably baddies=hot chicks) even a nation.  So while you risk outgrowing your britches, consider this much deserved credit- we were there with you early and appreciate the inspiration.  HighNoon, kudos to you and the platoon for coming on strong.  Still confused about what exactly your hashtag, #nooners, means, but we love it and you.  

So, as we anxiously await our blue check, hang on and enjoy the ride and a breakfast beer.  

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